The Peace Alliance logolaunched in July 2001 as a local initiative in Haringey, dedicated to tackle knife crime. Key partners from the Church, the Home Office, to the Metropolitan Police and the Borough Council, as well as local MPs, and community leaders pledged to work together to promote peace in Haringey.

The Peace Alliance now works nationally with key statutory agencies such as the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police advising on key policy issues. It has now been recognised as a successful model for partnership working and is currently working across London and the United Kingdom with several other key organisations.

The Peace Alliance is well known for its work in gun and other violent crimes, youth crime, working with victims and families of victims of crime as well as young people to reduce crime in communities.

Our five pillars

The Peace Alliance


The Peace Alliance is underpinned by five defining beliefs.


Proper P arenting

Effective ducation

Celebrate chievement

Mobilized ommunities

Sustainable Enterprise

No young man or woman should be left behind by circumstance. We all have a duty to support those within our communities.  We are dedicated to supporting parents, communities and organizations in providing the building blocks our youth need in order to excel.



The Peace Alliance’s key objective is to give everyone something to HOPE for. We achieve this by





Our outreach mentoring and training programmes across London both directly and through our partnerships support those most at risk.



During a discussion between George Foreman and Nims Obunge MBE DL, George said “if you wake up in the morning and don’t have a dream, go back to sleep.” This inspired Nims Obunge to begin to think “what does it mean to dream.”






By exposing our youth to successful people who can provide real examples that they can relate to  with clear example of  how they have achieved their dreams, we show our young people how they can turn their dreams into reality.



Here at the Peace Alliance we believe in






The aim of BRACE is to build links between people from different backgrounds, faiths and communities while encouraging them to acknowledge, discuss and celebrate their differences.




ncourage our communities to understand and address key issues

otivate and mobilise communities by securing adequate support and funding

romote relevant initiatives and share best practise ideas

rganise seminars and workshops to support parents, schools and youth clubs

ork in partnership with relevant agencies from all sectors

ducate and equip our communities with a strong focus on families

estore a sense of community ownership and civic pride

This framework cuts across all four of our Beliefs by instilling the community with a sense of ownership and encouraging co-operation between different parts of the community in order to achieve Peace and Hope.




I would like to send my best wishes and support on the occasion of Haringey Peace Alliance’s first Week of Peace. At a time when the international community is still reeling from last week’s shocking events in New York, it is all the more appropriate that the people of Haringey are coming together to pray for peace and remember those who lost their lives.

As we all try to come terms with this tragedy I hope the new partnership between faith groups, the police and the community achieves its aim of working for harmony in this area of London.

I wish the Haringey Peace Alliance every success in their efforts to promote peace and good citizenship in the borough during the Week of Peace.

- Tony Blair

It seems to me that the desire to achieve a greater measure of ‘peace’ in the places in the places where we live and work represents an ambition that all right-minded people can share. I commend ‘The Peace Week’ as an outstanding example of local communities working together in response to issues that concern us all

- Sir John Stevens

The Home Office is pleased to support the London Week of Peace and the Peace Awards. There are many people who work tirelessly in our communities to help young people, often with little recognition. The Peace Awards are an excellent way of demonstrating that their efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated and all those nominated can be extremely proud of what they have achieved.

- Charles Clarke

I am proud to support London Peace of Week, which promotes peace and attempts to reduce crime and the fear of crime by working in partnership with all London’s diverse communities. London Peace Week is an opportunity for all Londoners to engage in crime reduction activities. There has never been a more important time than now to show a London United in its desire to live in peace and safety.

Ken Livingston

I am delighted to give my support to the London Week of Peace which aims to bring the people of our capital city together to help create stronger and safer communities. It provides a chance to celebrate the work done by so many individuals and voluntary groups for the good of others, but is also a unique opportunity to develop new ways of working together to improve the lives of those living in London.

The RT. Hon. Gordon Brown

As we all work together to tackle crime, the London Week of Peace demonstrates how events such as this can provide a common purpose, and a focus for engagement for people from all backgrounds. The London Week of Peace also provides an opportunity to recognise those who work so hard to support communities. The Peace Awards demonstrates how much the local organisations are appreciated for their works in supporting communities, and in helping to make them safer. I wish you every success for the London Week of Peace.


The Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith

I am delighted to send my best wishes to everyone involved in this year’s London Week of Peace. It is about people stepping up to the plate and playing their parts in improving the communities in which they live. And it has made a real difference.


The Rt. Hon. David Cameron

The Week of Peace represents a unique opportunity for London’s communities to reach out and celebrate the work that so many individuals, groups and agencies perform for the benefit of others. Raising the profile of Community Safety and cohesion in response to issues of violence is crucial.


Sir Ian Blair

London is a fantastic city to live in, work and visit and this is down to the dynamism and sacrifice of Londoners and London organisations. That is why I am delighted to be supporting this year’s London Leadership and Peace Awards and I would like to thank the Peace Alliance for organising such a worthy event to showcase the best of London. All of the nominees have worked tirelessly to make London the wonderful city that it is and for that I am tremendously grateful. You have all made a huge difference and tonight we celebrate your achievements.


Boris Johnson

I am pleased to provide a message for this year’s London Leadership and Peace Awards.

The Government is determined to do all it can to break the cycle of serios violence that devastates the lives of individuals, families and communities, but the cannot be done without organisations like yours that bring us all together.

I hope that his event gives you all the chance to reflect and celebrate the unwavering commitment and tireless effort of those that support individuals, families and communities as they strive to bring about peace.

I would like to congratulate all the winners and nominees of tonight’s awards, and wish all the best as you continue this important work


- The Rt. Hon. Theresa May